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brandAdvantagedChart (11k image)So, for a long time I've enjoyed making really fun charts and graphs in my pro-Apps, such as Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop...because a graph is informative, but a really GREAT graph is a double threat.

If you can get someone to go, "Dude. Wait. Go back to that graph" and actually spend some time making sense of it, then you've made your point a lot better than a graph that they just look at and go "Next."

Anyway. This week I loaded iWork '06 on my Mac, for the express purpose of making some killer graphs for a website...and as you can see, from the graph above, it does just that.

It's cool too, because it's easy, and it's cheap ($79), and it's EASY. I had the whole thing figured out in about 45 minutes (and really, I had it figured it out enough to use in about, um, 45 seconds).

Anyway. It's cool. Make cool graphs with iWork. For which you'll need a Mac. Get a Mac. Bitches.