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Okay, so this is half putting a thought out there, and half reminding myself...because I had this thought, and now it is gone, but maybe it'll come back.

If you'd like to contribute, I welcome it. Although I am skeptical that it will be as good as the thought I had on my own. wink

So, anyway. I had this thought the other day that was essentially a proof (geometry style) that proved that it is impossible for a committee to design something great. In fact, I might have proved that committees to design anything that does completely suck. I might have ended up with the statement Design by Committee = Bad.

Of course, I have no idea how I did this now, or what the logical leap that allowed me to do so was, nor do I remember the crux of my proof. If I even remembered the slightest hint of the kernel of truth to the idea, I am positive I would be able to reconstruct it. But alas, I cannot.

We are all doomed. wink