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So for those of you who I haven't spoken to about my thesis, I got challenged to write a book, and I mean literally. So I have been writing chapters and I had to pick a font and a layout for the pages (which I am doing after completing my flash presentation).

So I am presenting a book and a building on Sat. and my flash is the book in graphic format, as are my boards, which are the chapters, matching the presentation but static so that the jury can reference them during the 1/2 hr that they get for Q&A. Anyway, we are supposed to go on for 15 minutes and so far my presentation is 8.66 minutes, but I have 5 more images to add and timing to fix, so that you can read the text that is present on the screen.

Anyway, I'm excited, the pages for the book are coming together, I have no idea how long it is yet, because I have to format the text with the images and then put together the table of contents but it is going to be fun. Anyway, I am enjoying gray text on white backgrounds, the interplay of the gray works well for my concept.

So anyway, I will talk to Jon about the blog site if he looks over my book.