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The client accepted this mock-up of the design for his new site...first time out! BAM!

BTW - Before y'all start making "helpful" comments about the navigation: studies have shown that placing navigation on the right of the content encourages the user to spend more time actually reading the content, and increases comprehension of the site's content by almost 100%.

Of course, as a print designer, that makes total sense to me. We read left to right, top to bottom (and yes, in that order; something below and to the left will be read before something on the top right), so placing the content on the site to the left of the navigation encourages people to read...placing the navigation before the content encourages them to jump around.

Now, does that mean that every site should have right-side navigation? Certainly not. Catalogs, for example, should make it really easy to get where you want to be. Same with a newspaper/newsletter site, or a site that has thousands of, say, traffic regulations or something.

Anyway. Client liked the design, and I do too. Yay yay yay! Woo woo woo!