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So even though I have been sick my thesis project is actually coming along rather well.

Okay so here it is......

Philadelphia University: Bachelors of Architecture Thesis Presentations

8am- Greg Wilson: An Ecological Model for a Creative Class
8:45- Jeff Simmons: The Garden as the Catalyst for Change
9:30- Simone Br...: Refocusing Architecture
10:15- Paul Bahn: Biomimetic Response
11- Sarah Poist: Cinematic Architecture: Layers of Memory and Time
11:45- Vicki Weaver: Hope for the Hopeless: A Sacared Sanctuary

1pm Lunch

1:30- Cory Casy: Spaces of In-Between
2:15- Kevin Hollenbeck: Sensorial Identity: Redefining Materiality blush
3- Tana Hovland: Transendence through Synergy: Light and Architecture
3:45- Nicole Sandruck: Flocking Theory: Movement of Mankind confused
4:30- Lui ( I can't say his real name): Urban Decay: Exposing the Uncanny
5:15- Alexia Fukui: Architecture as an Adjunt to Healing
6- Kristen Seage: An Empathic Response: The Body in Space
6:45- Brendan Miller: Feedback loop: Analysis + Evolution

8pm Reception (the time gap is because these things never run on schedule)

see you there!!!!