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Logo design can be a long, tiring, frustrating process. I like to design Logos. Really. I do. It's my favorite design-oriented thing to do, really. Even more-so than web sites or posters, I like designing logos.

The tiring and frustrating part comes when the client gives you NO direction, doesn't take their part of the process seriously, and then rejects perfectly awesome, potentially award-winning logos for absolutely insipid reasons.

So, attached below is the THIRD sheet of logos I have generated for this logo. I, of course, have a favorite. If you can guess which one is my favorite I will give you a prize.

pS_logoSheet4 (37k image)

Replies: 4 Comments

On Sunday, April 22nd, Bernie said

I don't know about your favorite but mine is the cube that gives me the sense of a maze which connects to strategies....

On Sunday, April 22nd, Jon said

That is the one I hate. You win a swift kick in the pants.

See you in two weeks!

On Monday, April 23rd, Jefe said

Bottom one.

On Monday, April 23rd, Jon said

Jeff Wins!

Here's your prize: A trip to the original Railhead in downtown Fort Worth, TX the next time you visit me. wink