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So Kevin asked me to marry him, and yes it was a surprise.

It was last night, we needed somethings from the store so I went out while he finished cleaning up some things around the apartment.

I got home and there were candles everywhere and the was a fire buring in the fireplace. We than settled into burn marshmellos and have a nice evening together.

As we talked the converstation turned to the fact that my promise ring keeps falling off (because I have lost weight) and after examining it Kev slipped back on my finger only to say that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

The next words were unexpected (even after he said them). I jumped on him and began to cry, I was so happy. After he got me to sit back up he pulled the box from his pocket and showed me my custom built ring.

Please enjoy the pictures and I will see you all soon!!


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On Sunday, April 8th, Dad at he Cronie's house said

big grin smile cool eh? satisfied 5 think that about says it. Congratulations! hehe LOL sleepy big grin razz


On Sunday, April 8th, Dad at the Cronie's said

big grin smile razz hehe Tell my future son-in-law that I can give him extra tips on,living with you, yada yada yada. Congratulations! From everybody here in Texas ---- Mayble says ruff, ruff!


On Sunday, April 8th, Nicole said

at this point I think that Kevin has mastered the art of living with me wink