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...and I have been working really hard.

Net result? I am really tired lately.

Why haven't I been sleeping? Well, I've been really busy working on projects, and I have projects lined up for a long time into the future. That's good. And I also have projects that just refuse to wrap themselves that Legacy Capital Energy Group ID package and web site.

I think about them in the middle of the night.
In my sleep I am coding the interface for my next website.
In my sleep I am playing paintball (I am playing paintball in Jocie's sleep too).
In my sleep I am testing software.
In my sleep I am arguing the merits of Mixed Case Lettering in comic books.
In my sleep I am walking out of the Apple store with my new laptop, which would let me get some of this crap done at home.

Well, to that end, I did get a new gadget that, although I cannot actually do graphics work on it, I can use it to stay more organized and stop forgetting things I am supposed to be doing. I got me a Nokia E62. That's a smartphone. It's also on that list of new phones that Apple just added iSync capabilities. That means that I can sync my iCal and Address book items, including To-Dos with my phone in a really handy little device. If I felt like paying for a Data plan and everything, I could get my e-mail and all that jazz on it too...but I don't feel like it. Nope. Not even a little. Well, maybe a little. If I could get it in a cheap smallish plan I would, but I can't. So I won't. Well, maybe if I start making a LOT of money or something. ;-)

Anyway. I really like it so far. I've only had it for half a day, but I've already got it all set up the way I like it, and I'm already getting pretty fast at typing with my thumbs. I'll let y'all know how it goes.