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Nancy asked me to design a T-Shirt for our group at the walk. There's a contest...but I didn't know about it when I started working on it.

Anyway. This is the emblem I designed for the shirts. It's my little homage to both Milton Glaser and his I Love New York logo and Paul Rand and his parody of his own IBM Logo.

Milton Glaser's I Heart New York and Paul Rand's Eye Bee M logos. (9k image)

So, there you go. I [Heart] Boobies! And Milton Glaser! And Paul Rand!

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On Monday, March 19th, Chrissie said

I heart the logo. Actually, that's way too subdued. I effing LOVE this logo! It's so bitchin and I want to sign up for a walk just so I can wear it and then wear it all around town and have everyone stare at me like "What the hell? That's SO degrading!" and I dare those loser girls to say something to me because I can be like - Dude, I walked for a cure. And don't you WISH you had the balls to pull this tee off?!
PLEASE can I order a tee too? Medium size?

On Tuesday, March 20th, DOD said

Chrissie - I love your comment. Jon has talent - I just wonder sometimes how it's received. You see, I've been told many times about my warped sense of humor and how I could have passed that on to my children ... poor kids. Hope to see you again some time.