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So, I have been getting my daily affirmations from a site called lately. It's a community of logo designers that upload their work and comment on each other's stuff and vote on the ones they like and dislike. I currently have two logos (out of 6800) in the top 20, and I'm feeling pretty good about it, so I've been posting new work to their as well. Although none of them have landed in the top twenty yet, they are getting some positive comments, and I feel like bragging, so I thought I'd take some snippets and post them up here:
"Looks great, and is a better logo than Geek Squad. like the illustration too." (NerdE Solutions)
"Great execution for this type of project. I know its harder than it looks." (Hydropower Reform Coalition)
"Nice idea with the fence, says alot" (Paramount Mortgage)
"As we say in sweden, klockren! It means kickass." (NerdE Solutions)
"Nice one Jon. I like the T concept. ...good job." (Tidy Tom's)
"I'm a big fan of the simplicity of this design ... nice work." (Tidy Tom's)
"Great design. Love the mark. Great illustration!" (Tidy Tom's)
"Very nice design!" (Tidy Tom's)
"I really like it. Tidy Tom should be very pleased with your work" (Tidy Tom's)
"This one is so captivating. Everything about it seems right. Very well balanced too." (Tidy Tom's)
"Nice one dude" (Tidy Tom's)
"Clever. I can see this perhaps working across a few cleaning 'methods' nice work" (Tidy Tom's)
"Love it." (Tidy Tom's)
"Really cleaver and nice design." (Tidy Tom's)
"Very well done. Simplicity makes the best logos. Hats off!" (Tidy Tom's)
"Wicked logo. Definitely one of my all-time favorites." (Tidy Tom's)
"Great logo" (
"GREAT mark" (
"I *really* like that mark" (
"I love the mark..." (
"The symbol is great." (
"Very very very cool...the mark is strong in this one..." (
"Love that mark" (
"Beautiful mark..." (
"Excellent abstraction, such a great creative. My respect." (
"Nice use of implied dimension." (
"Great theme logo!" (Live for the Cure: Ribbon)
"It's very powerful. A common joe (er, joel) immediately sees the ribbon and knows it's for something good." (Live for the Cure: Ribbon)
"GREAT job, with a very impressive use of dimensions. On of my favorites works here." (
"Even if I didn't know all the symbolism of that mark, I would still really like it. All the meanings just make it that much better." (Art of Opera Foundation)
"Very nice and clever! I like it." (Art of Opera Foundation)

So, there. People like me. Or at least my work. I am still a Dick. wink