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So it is spring break, clocks have moved forward and Kev and I are visiting with his mother (and her new boyfriend) and while I know that we have a lot to do and it must be of a 3-d nature, it would have been nice to get down to Texas like we did last year.

I can't wait until May, for many reasons: 1- School will almost be over, 2- life will be getting back to normal 3- we will have time to visit with friends and family again 4- we can pick up cooking for enjoyment again (since I will be a cheif now instead of an architect) 5- planning for the future can resume and most importantly 6- Jon and Joc are coming for a visit (while you guys are family you aren't part of the monthly rotation for visitation so you get your own catagory).

But in the meantime it is nice to not be a working stiff yet. satisfied