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So, this is a logo I am working on now for the Chronic Disease Fund's spin-off group, Live For the Cureā„¢. This is just one idea that I am working on, but it's turned out okay, so I thought I'd put it up.

Constructive comments only, please. Jerks. wink

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On Thursday, March 8th, Nicole said

I would just worry about the use of the ribbon, it is getting used by almost every organization that is fighting to save someone from something- we even used it in we support our priests at St. Joe's. But the color selection and text sizes play off of each other nicely.

On Thursday, March 8th, Jon said

It's for an organization that helps people who have chronic illnesses (MS, MD, Herpes, etc...) by getting the groups that are using those stupid ribbons to donate part of their research money to helping people pay for the meds they need to live long enough so that the research can help them. So, although the ribbon IS overused (I am doing other logos that don't use it at all), the use in this case is particularly appropriate...and the client is kind of hung up on them.

But, I agree. It's overdone. I looked up a chart on what colored ribbons mean what, and it's pretty nuts. WikiPedia it. It's stupid.

I'll post the other version as well as I do them.