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So in business people make themselves think that they can say and do what is "necessary", even if it hurts others because after all it is not personal, its business.

Well I say that is a load.

People have feelings. In the design world it is not uncommon to get overly attached to your work, but that is hazardous to the success of yourself as a designer because typically things don't go your way and very few people have really good taste.

In my attempts to not allow things to get personal I must allow myself to not care for anyone else, but when you make that decision you can feel not joy in complements but there is still pain.

And just in case you are wondering where this is all coming from, My mid-review was last night...

Architects ego's have gotten so large that it keeps them from hearing properly.

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On Thursday, March 8th, Jon said

Hey - Way to be cryptic.

I'm sorry the juror hurt your feelings.

BTW - I never said you can't care for anyone else. I said don't take it so personally! He's entitled to his opinion, as are you. You can, for example, think he's full of shit. That's your prerogative.

Really, this whole "don't take it so personally" thing is permission to ONLY take compliments. If someone says something nice, say "Thank You" and feel good about it. If someone says something negative, say "Thank You" and then decide whether or not it's relevant, and either dismiss it or address it.

That's it. But above all things, know this: They aren't criticizing YOU. They're criticizing THE WORK. They aren't saying "You're Stupid." They're saying "I have this thought, and I want know if you considered it."

If they ARE saying "You're Stupid" then perhaps they shouldn't be dealing with students. Feel free to dismiss them.

On Thursday, March 8th, Jon said

Also - I agree, the whole "It's not personal, it's business" thing as permission to act like an asshole is bullshit. Business is personal.

People who say that shit are the same ones that will cheat at backyard football or something like that. They just need an excuse to let their inner asshole out.