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Well, Ladies and Gents, look about half way down that page below. It's the Tidy Tom's logo I did for Jon Walker back in January. And what's that say next to it? Member's Top Twenty? So, what's that mean? It means that out of the roughly 6800 logos that have been uploaded to, I have a logo in the top 20, as rated by other designers. That's the top .294%, or the 99.7th percentile for the site. BOOYAH!

logopond.tidyToms (515k image)

So, that's pretty good news, right? Well, buckle up, because there's more.'s logo is in the Top 20 as well! Double BooYah! Check it out on the archive page. There's a part three too, so click the link!
logopond.keepOpen (518k image)

So, that's really cool, right? Two logos that I've designed this year are getting really great response from the community. That's cool. The fact that I've landed two in the top twenty means that I'm a legitimately good designer (as I've frequently suspected). So, what's part three?

Intellectual Property Thievery in the Digital Age! Digg this: (that's a pun, because the guy who hipped me to it found it on digg)

So, I'm being pirated! I am, of course, going to search out this cat and make him stop using my logo, but it's still very cool to be popular enough to get my work stolen.

Now if I could just use it to get paid somehow. ;-)

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On Wednesday, March 7th, DOD said

big grin I'm such a proud papa !!!