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Today I had two different experiences with customer service. Due to an oversight I have made, MCI has over $400 of our money for service they did not provide. When I called customer service today i was on hold for a good 20 minutes, transfered to someone else, where I was on hold for another 5 minutes. I now have to fax over some report that I can only get at the bank and wait 4-6 weeks to get our money back.

The second much nicer experience with customer service was through Apple. I mistakenly left my computer on sleep while the battery died, which is bad. Long story short, we made an appointment at the local Apple Store, brought the computer up, and a cute guy gave me a new battery and sent me on my way, no questions asked. Now THAT is customer service.

Personal Update: Aunt Terri is now in her new house 1 mile away from us. It's so exciting to be with someone when they move into their first house. It was a great and very long day.

We plan on having an Iron Chef Challenge. Jon and I vs. Mom and Dad. Terri and Keith with be the judges. They are alsot he ones to come up with the secret ingredient.

Weather is now warming up. I have a good 30 tomato plants grown from seed. I hope at least 5 of them mature. I'm also having good luck with green peppers and basil by seed. Crocus have already bloomed, daffodils are out, and all of my perenials are starting to grow again.

The End.