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Today, Don and I spent the day walking around Baltimore. First we went to the Basilica for Mass...pretty formal....the renovation is gorgeous. The place is full of light instead of being dark and oppresive. A few months ago I was at St. Louis in Clarksville where they moved the stain-glass windows. They look much better in the new church at St. Louis. Since there are lots of clear windows and a huge open space, the stain-glass add color rather than darkness.

Second we went to the Cheescake Factory and ate half of our lunch so that we could share a dessert and not be totally stuffed. We finished lunch for dinner.

And finally we went to the Auto Show. I still am leaning toward a Subaru Impreza 5-door Sport. It had a great interior. The Forester isn't bad either and surprisingly it is only one inch longer.

I was surprised how many of the 'hybrids' get mediocre gas mileage and there just weren't many AWD's to look at.