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feeling: Fine. I love Macs.

Okay. We all know that although they are great, there is definitely a transition that has to occur when one starts using a Mac, and it can be frustrating and daunting for a little while.

Well, since so many of my loved ones are switching recently, I thought I'd start offering tips on the blog for all of you, since I am so, like, plugged in to baddass thing on the Mac.

This week's tip is:

NeoOffice is an Aqua-based (aqua is the interface layer of OS X that makes it all shiny and pretty) implementation of is an open source office suite developed for X11 (a window system that runs on the Unix core that is running UNDER the shiny part of Mac OS X), which runs on Unix and Linux and stuff. ANYWAY. This version is built just for Macs and although it ain't as pretty as MS Office, it DOES work, and it DOESN'T crash as least in my experience. AND. IT'S. FREE.


So, if you haven't gotten MS Office yet, or if you have an older version, such as Jocie and I, or if you get tired of Office crashing unexplainedly (as mine tends to do once in a while, until I stop everything I'm doing and fix it somehow), then go download and install it.

New Mac User Mini-Tip: Your new Macs came with a really fun, and by fun I mean useful, piece of software called OmniOutliner. It's a great tool for organizing your thoughts, writing, brainstorming, and making HUGE amounts of info manageable. I am going to start using it to make grocery lists, organize websites, manage lists, built outlines of documents I'm designing, etc... You should totally check it out. Especially since it came with a free license as part of your Apple Installed Software Bundle.