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So, I have been working on the logo for, as many of you know already. I posted about it right before christmas. These two are the last finalists for the logo.

Really, I think we've decided on one of them. One of them really works better...but I can't let the other go out of an intellectual attachment to the simplicity of the idea.

Anyone wanna guess which one wins and which one loses?

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On Wednesday, January 17th, Bernie said

The first one (left) expresses the idea better to me.....but I don't totally appreciate the name KeepOpen since it could refer to so many things.

On Wednesday, January 17th, Jon said

It does refer to a lot of things. That's why we're using it.

1st - We're using open source software on our servers to create our content management system.

2nd - We like open standards, because proprietary formats are SO last century and we believe that the internet it about collaboration.

3rd - We're all about opening the door to allow non technical people to control their own web sites.

4th - We are in favor of open communication between us and our clients. We aren't going to have "self service" menus for domain registration, or tech support or e-mail, instead preferring that people just talk to us if they have a question.

There are more too...but I don't feel like coming up with them all right now. You, hopefully, get the point by now.