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So, as I've mentioned to a few people lately, I have been trying to log my food lately. It's the first step in me figuring out how much I eat every day, how many calories that is, and WHY THE HELL I AM SO FAT.


The idea is that by documenting everything, I'll be able to see where I fall down and maybe make some better decisions. The image above is a screenshot from the site that I am using to log all this stuff. It's a really helpful site. I like it a lot. It helped me figure out how many calories I use in a day, how many I take in, and how many I can take in if I want to lose the weight that I want to lose in the time I want to lose it.

Anyway. I decided to show you all a screenshot from my day yesterday. It wasn't too bad a day. I know I missed some things like cough drops, coffee, and a couple of sugar cookies...But I ate some food that I liked, I didn't make myself sick, and I almost met my target for the day.

I think I need to augment the amount of Hummus in my lunch salad. wink

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On Monday, January 15th, Bernie said

What is your target and how did you arrive at it?

On Tuesday, January 16th, Jon said

2250 per day. That comes from my weight, height, approx resting heart beat, my target weight, and how long I want to take to lose it.

You use height/weight and RBPM to calculate calories used per day. Then you figure out the defecit that you need to run in order to lose the weight you want in the time you want.

I'm tellin you, GO TO THE SITE. It's FREE. Get an ACCCOUNT. It's GREAT!

On Wednesday, January 17th, Bernie said

Did you tell us the site location?