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So, in order to use the fancy (and very expensive) ReBalls™ that people got me for Christmas (thank you both very much) without losing them (because they are very very expensive), Keith and I decided to build a pretty sizeable ReBall™ Catcher. What you are looking at is the prototype...which has already seen pretty major revision. It's 6.5' tall and 5' wide, and it works about as well as I could expect.

I brought it home from the Croney's yesterday and reassembled it in our house so I could do some fine-tuning to the design. It's really fun to do things like pull the fabric around and see how it affects the balls as they bounce around in there, and how they collect in the bottom.

Once it's done I'll post video of me shooting the crap out of it in the backyard and you'll be able to see it in all its glory. wink

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On Tuesday, January 9th, Bernie said

Are you sure you didn't miss your calling as an engineer?

On Wednesday, January 10th, Jon said

Designer/Engineer, same thing. wink

It's really the same process as the rest of my work.

1. Have an idea.
2. Make it.
3. Test it.
4. Revise it.
5. Test it.
* Repeat 4 and 5 until a) you are convinced that revisions are not making it better any more, or b) the client runs out of money.
6. Build the Final Form

You just wait until the final is ready (as it is one step closer as of last night) and I post the video of Keith and I showing it off.