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feeling: Fine. I had a nice lunch.

davidPogue (14k image)Since we are fast becoming a family of Mac users, I thought I'd share this funny news item with all of you, which, before now, would have only been funny to me: David Pogue's New York Times Vlog review of Windows® Vista™.

Mr. Jobs had already pointed out some of these similarities at his last press event, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Now, Nicole, Dad, Jocie and I will go and enjoy some well deserved Mac snobbery. wink

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On Friday, January 5th, Nicole said

That was awesome. I watched while on lunch at work and I just wish that my boss would have been here to see it. As my co-worker thinks that Macs are made to be idiot proof so real people use pcs because they can think easier. Oh well I guess not everyone will like mac but that's their choice.