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This is the type of thing that needs to be done so that people can watch paintball on TV. They have grill-cams, and driver-cams in NASCAR. It makes total sense. Cut this footage in with overhead cams and those cable cams you see at the XGames and at football stadiums. Put cams on the refs. Aggregate as much footage as possible, then get someone with an idea of how to tell a friggin' story (as opposed to the current crop of paintball "Directors" who give us a 3 day event boiled down into 45 minutes of people getting bunkered) and you've got something we can watch.

I also think it'd be an important evaluative tool for platers, but as Ollie Lang has all but told us, most pro players are not nearly as interested in getting better as they are getting famous. Pro paintballers are not pros, by any stretch. Most of them don't even train. :-(

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On Thursday, December 28th, Jefe said

Dude. I could play pro after watching this guy. Barely had his gun up until the last part of the game, unless it was to shoot his teammate. And whats with the one on two going on for so long, they couldn't coordinate "Hey, you hammer his bunker while I scoot up for the angle."