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So. This is the first mark to come out of the logo sketches I have been doing for the last week or so.

The idea is that because we give users control of their own content (without the astronomical fees that are normally associated with setting up a custom CMS based site) we are leaving open the door to the web.

It's also kind of friendly without being cute, and it's nerdy without being overly techy.

Comments, as always, are appreciated. Oh yeah, and click on the logo to see it bigger.

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On Monday, December 18th, beth said

Ok, to be honest it is not eye catching. It's kind-of blah and I don't really get the graffic. If the idea is that you are keeping the web open to those of us who are not so computer geeky then maybe an open computer with grafics spilling out I don't know, but I would say back to the drawing [computer], but I'm just saying...