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So, this thing is a Dangerous Power Fusion. The remarkable thing about the 'gun is that it's a)Stock, b)cheap. The configuration being shot in this video costs $375 new-in-box. Which is pretty amazing considering it will shoot 25bps and this guy is nailing a metal stake in the ground at 50'.

If you look at the paint as it's coming out, it looks like it's coming back at you, because the shot is SO fast and SO consistent. MAN.

I sincerely hope this gun picks up stream. It looks like a really solid design, and from what I've read, they are very well made.

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On Thursday, December 14th, Jefe said

Have you seen the invert mini?

On Saturday, December 23rd, Jon said

Yes, I have. I think it's a great idea to have the gass go through the grip. I think it's even better to have the electronics and solenoid in the front grip. It opens it up to have a more ergonomic front grip. It also means people are locked in to their regs though...because the regulator that manages the air pressure in the gun is in the ASA. People won't be able to slap a CP or Hyper2 or whatever. The single best performance upgrade I've made to my Ion was slapping an Eclipse reg on it.