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newSite_wShadow (117k image) Visit my new graphic design portfolio website at

Well, I know I showed all of you the prototype of my new site while I was home over thanksgiving...but it's finally been published. I dont' know how long it'll stay the way it is, because I can already see some technical problems with it, and I need to rewrite how the Flash items get loaded, and how they scale once they are on the page...but it's UP!

The most important thing is that it's all new work. Everything on that site has been designed in the last year, and that's important to me.

Those of you who saw the prototype, you'll notice that I've added links to the archives of websites that I designed for myself ranging back to 2001. So, now you can page backward and see the work I've done in years past. So, it's not so much that I'm forsaking my old work as it is that I am building archived volumes, and I am not including old content in new ones.

So anyway, go to my personal graphic design portfolio,

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On Saturday, December 9th, Bernie said

I like it.