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Okay, so Nancy asked me for a Christmas list. As if it wasn't enough that she's taking us to Cozumel for a week. ANYWAY. This is my Christmas list entry. If you don't want to look at it, don't. Click the "MORE" link to get to the actual list.
&cvt&cvtA word of warning about ordering Paintball stuff online. DO NOT order things that don't explicitly state that they are in stock. If in doubt, call. It could be ten weeks before things get back in stock, and paintball sites don't remove things from their sites when they are out of stock. Don't ask me why.

Also - Most of these links are to a site called Action village. They have a good live stock thingy on their site...but feel free to look for these things on You might find them cheaper.

Stainless Steal Freak Boremaster Kit - This is a kit full of stainless steal barrell inserts for my barrell. It's important because paintballs come in different sizes, and stainless steel can be honed to within 6 microns...which is much smoother than aluminium.

PBFilms Get Better Faster DVD

AJP Podloader V2 - I don't care what color it is. Whatever is in stock will do.

Life: Angels & Demons - It's a DVD.

ReBall ToGo Pod - This is a small 140 round pod of ReBalls. That's just enough to fill my hopper once. I should be able to shoot them 10 times each on one fill. At which point they've almost paid for themselves in practice paint.

Dye C5 Jersey: Red - Dye jerseys are the best out there. These are from a couple years ago, so they are on super sale.

Dye C5 Jersey: Black/Yellow - Same as above, except black & yellow.

Flexfit Ironmen Hat - It's a hat, duh. L/XL, please. wink

Dye C6 Gloves XL - When you play a lot of paintball, you go through gloves quickly. These things are supposed to be indestructible. We'll see about that.

Redz Ion Flat Trigger - Yeah, I already have a custom trigger...but this one is better.

Shocktech Ion Body Kit - This one is a pricey one, but it's an important one. Any variant of silver or black will do...whatever is in stock!

Virtue Ion Board - This replaces the circuit board in my Ion and turns it into a 30+ BPS BEAST!

Handheld Radar Chronograph - This lets me measure how fast my gun is shooting, both in velocity and BPS at home.

Dye Lock-Lid Pods - Seriously. If you want to buy me a dozen of these things, go right ahead. A guy can never have too many pods. I like them in Red and Smoke.

Dye C5 Attack Pack Pro: Gray - This is a nice pack. It's not an essential, because I already have a pack, but this one is designed for the pods I like. It also has nice padded areas on the outside of the pods, so maybe you catch a bounce off an area that is usually a sure-fire break.

Now, this next part is the part I don't expect anyone to pay attention to. It's the "Wishlist" part. I made it because, really, it's like going through the Sears catalog when I was little. There's so much stuff I can't afford, or justify, or even imagine being able to prioritize enough to keep if I had one. Yikes.

WDP Angel 1 - Good God. This thing is $1200, and I wouldn't have thought it could possibly be worth the hype until I held one the other day. Spectacular.

WGP Black Magic SF - This more reasonably priced badass runs about $500, but promises to shoot endless strings of ball-on-ball paint at 18+ BPS. It's a super-fast 'cocker without a back block threatening to smack you in the face. I can almost justify this one.

06 Maniac Ego: Gunmetal - This thing is a badass. The 07 model promises to be even more of a badass. I wonder if the price of these is going to dip when the 07s hit stores, or if the 07s will just be super expensive. I saw video of the 07 shooting. It's impressive.

Dye DM6 - This is supposed to be the fastest, most accurate gun in the game. It's also light, and expensive. Another $1200 nail-driver.

Origin Ego: Sun - It's an 06 Ego, but it's way cheaper because they are fun colors that no one wants to play with. Eccept me. wink

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On Wednesday, November 15th, Jeff said

You want alot of paint markers. I just want the new 07 shocker, which somehow looks even slicker than the 06(because the 06 was pretty sick). Also, I like my Empire jersey, it has elbow pads built into to the sleeves, which is pretty nice.

On Sunday, November 19th, Jon said

Yeah, I don't like the single-tube guns so much. I don't have a natural sense of aim with them...and the new shocker has an Ion reg on it, which means I'd end up replacing it immediately.

Not that I wouldn't shoot one if it was handed to me. Especially an Orange one. wink