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feeling: Fine. Although I hate Papyrus.

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I know I shouldn't care, and it's bitter and small of me, but I hate the font Papyrus. If I come across someone in my day-to-day that says they like it, or a product that uses it in advertising or on its packaging, I automatically hate them/it immediately. I didn't go see the movie Serenity (the movie based on Joss Whedon's Firefly, which I would have almost certainly enjoyed) because it used Papyrus for the title font in the promos and on posters.

Does this font-bigotry make me a bad person, or a bad designer? Both? Does it even matter? Am I entitled to my opinion? Better yet, am I right? Does it indeed make you a lazy, bad, stupid designer if you automatically reach for the "comes with Windows" default "creative" font? Is it the refuge of MS Publisher using, non-education having, thinks you're creative because you like to make scrapbooks, "marketing consultants" around the world?

Anyway. I had a client specifically request it on a business card because they used it in their "logo." Bummer. If I can go an entire year without some jackass asking for it maybe I'll uninstall it. I was suprised to find that I have it installed, and indeed, activated on my machine right now. I think it's left over from that magazine. Lots of those fuckwits used it in their homemade ads.

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On Sunday, October 15th, Nicole said

I agree!!!!! crazy