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Look at that! I rolled a 212 SCRATCH, bitches! I took all 10 of my points. The guy I bowled against bowled a 265, which for a guy with a 9 handycap is the game of his life, and I STILL beat him because I rolled 82 points over my average, 33 points over my personal best game, for a MASSIVE 285. Nigh undefeatable!

If you look at the recap scores carefully, you'll see that I BEAT ED. Yep. Beat Ed scratch. BooYah! (Just kiddin', Ed.) He didn't have a bad game either. 201 is a very respectable score.

Anyway. The bar has been set. Let's see how badly it screws up my average/handicap. Hopefully I have enough mediocre games under my belt so that is doesn't totally screw me up next time I bowl.

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On Friday, October 13th, Jocelyn said

I'd also like to give mad props to Keith who had all strikes for 10 frames and then spared his last ball. Very nice game boys.