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feeling: Good. Still tired and Allergic, but good none the less.

This weekend we went to visit Jocelyn's friends Melissa and Holly and their significant others, Joe and Nate, in their new far off hometowns of Milwaukee and Chicago, respectively.

First, off to Milwaukee!

We hung out with Melissa and her husband Joe while in Milwaukee. It was cool. I could totally live there. We went to a couples baby shower with Joe & Melissa while we were in town. We met some of Joe's friends and family. They were cool. I assume that they still are. ;-)

While we were there we went to see the newish pavillion at the Milwaukee Art Museum. They were setting up for a $100 per head wine tasting when we got there, so we didn't stay. It was designed by Calatrava. There's also a bridge in town that is being built by his firm as well. It's oddly proportioned and white. Beyond that, they have very little in common. Overall cool. A little silly, but still cool.


We also went down to the beach on Lake Michigan. Man. It's SO big! It's like the ocean. This picture of Joe is at one of the many public beaches on the shore. The city did a really nice job of keeping the rich peeps from buying up all the nice real estate and making it inaccessible to the public. Really cool.

Anyway. After the baby shower we slept little and then hoped on the $8 bus to Chicago to go see Holly & Nate.


We went down to Navy Pier and road the Ferris Wheel, and ate some Fries, and saw some boats, and then we went back to Holly's apartment to eat a little...
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza! Mmmmm. Pizza.

And Jocie got a haircut, and we watched a movie, and then I got a haircut from Holly's sister Lacy, and then we all went to sleep, so that Nate could get up and go to work in the morning.

The next day we were woken by Devo, Holly's Black Lab.


And then we went to the city on an unusually long and drawn out search for...Hot Dogs!

Well, I seem to have misplaced my other photos, so I'll finish this entry tomorrow!

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