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Don and I had a very nice weekend. We went on a bus trip on Saturday to the Eastern shore, specifically Oxford, Easton and St. Michael's. I can't bvelieve I've lived in MD all my life and have never visted these towns. They are charming. We plan to go back to Easton since we just drove around it.
Another destination for the future is St. Mary's.
Sunday we played a very fast round of golf in the late afternoon. The grounds were still soggy from Friday's rain, but it was nice to have so few people there.

Jon, hope you had a nice birthday.

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On Monday, October 2nd, Jon said

You know what's funny? I almost ended up living in Easton. How's about that?

On Monday, October 2nd, Jocelyn said

I had a great trip to St. Michaels when I was younger. I got an awesome ring, which I have lost. And we ate at a seafood place. While we were there a scuba guy had to swim under the deck to find a lady's wedding ring.