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So, I got permission to get myself a little birthday present/tax deductible piece of office equipment/graphic arts equipment/computer hardware. I am considering it a birthday present from myself.

Anyway, making it even better is that I did a bunch of research, then I went looking around in the stores. Unfortunately, although both Best Buy and Circuit City HAD the camera I wanted, they wanted $300 for it, and my budget was $300 including tax (so, $277 roughly)...although it DID come with a 1GB card at Circuit City. Still, beyond my budget for this excursion.

I was going to get one just like the one I helped Dad pick out for his Birthday, but Casio dropped the price on them and now they are sold out everywhere. Anyway. I decided that I liked this Sony.

So, on the way home from the stores, I dropped by the Office Depot that's next to the Home Depot. You see, sometimes Office Depot runs these crazy unadvertised specials on stuff. Well, I lucked out. I got my camera for $199. And I got a 1GB memoryStick Pro card for $39.99. So, after tax I spent $259.78. Maybe I'll get some new T-Shirts with the $40 in my pocket. ;-)