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feeling: Good. I have cash money in my pocket.

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Well, Nicole, get this: I got paid to do this drawing. $300! How cool is that? I did it simply from a couple of photos of the site (which I stitched together into a backdrop for the arbor and outdoor kitchen) and a satelite image from Google Earth.

Google Earth, BTW - Is not totally accurate, because it's based on Satellite photos, which are not taken the moment you ask for them, but finding this house down the street from Ed & Nancy's was a breeze, and a really helpful tool for determining scale and direction for the shadows.

Sketchup, by itself, sure is a fun way to draw in 3D. It's like building something in real life.

Nicole - Do you think I charged enough? I did it pretty much hourly. I left a little wiggle in there because I was still learning a lot of the techniques I was using.