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Hello people. My birthday is coming. So, if you'd forgotten, shame on you. If not, and you were wondering what to get me...I thought I'd throw up some suggestions: Starting with this one.

It's a regulator for my paintball gun. It's the one that comes stock on the '06 Ego, the 'gun I really want, but cannot afford nor justify owning. Anyway. That gun is one of the most consistent and accurate on the market,and that reg is a big reason why. So, since the one on my Ion is a pain in the ass to service, and not terribly consistent in the first place, I think I'll replace it.

Click on the pic for a link to the best deal on these things I've found on the 'net. If'n you gotta go lookin' for it, it's called a Planet Eclipse Star Swivel Regulator (or an Eclipse Star Reg, or possibly throw the word inline somewhere in there too. People name the retarded on their websites. JUST FOLLOW THE LINK!)

Oh, and I didn't give you a picture of a black one by accident. wink

There will be further suggestions in the coming days. And yes, most will be paintball related.