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Don and I are really enjoying fall....something about this time of year spurs us back to action. Don is refinishing Grandma Harrison's cedar chest. He had to rebuild one of the feet and repair some cracks. It is turning out beautifully. I am cleaning up the basement in preparation for new carpeting. We had to find new places for all the stuff that used to be on the shelves that we pulled out.

Grandma & Grandpop had a near miss on a hole in the roof during the last storm. Fortunately the branch only did external damage. Grandpop looked good when we saw him in August. The trip to Bill and Anne's was the longest he had made since his surgery. His sons have been in a couple times this summer to visit from Montana. Of course, grandma kept them busy doing 'honey-do' projects around the house.

Sorry you can't come Dec. 26 through January 2. I was trying to find a time when Nicole had more down time and no projects to work on. How soon she can join us at Thanksgiving depends on whether her Wednesday classes are cancelled.
Joc, tentatively we are thinking about doing some "dress" shopping on either Black Friday or Saturday. (no buying, just shopping for ideas and for fun.) We usually avoid the malls the weekend after Thanksgiving, but thought this was a good year for an exception.

For spring....Nicole has her thesis crit and graduation in May.....(only I have time off at Easter) we would rather you came in May. I don't know how close together these two events are, so you should work the dates out with Nicole on what is most important to her.

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On Monday, September 11th, Jocelyn said

Last week we had a dip in temperature which got me outside to weed and fertilize. I have mulch ready to go out and yesterday keith and I emptied and cleaned out the pond which was incredibly gross. I was also Little Betty Crocker yesterday and baked some breakfast, made some stew, corn bread muffins and a chocolate, blueberry peanut butter cake. Can you tell that combo came to me after I had a few glasses of wine?

I'm all about looking at dresses over Thanksgiving! We'll be up for Graduation/Thesis FOR SURE! Just keep us up to date on the date and stuff.