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I am going to photograph another tournament this Sunday. Here's hoping I don't take too many in the bean while I am out there. I am going to try and get WAY closer to the action this time.

Also - on the photography tip - I finally called and got replacement negative carriers for my scanner, so I can scan negatives at home. I'll probably still have Sam's dump them all on disk for me, just to have a quick and dirty index of the shots...but now I can rescan the good ones and have high-res versions of the great shots. I did a test scan of a shot I took of Jocie, and got a good scan that would have made a nice 22 in wide 300 dpi print. Not bad. I am pretty happy with that. That was at 4800 dpi. I then scanned the shot above at 2400 dpi (my scanner's max optical dpi) and came up with a pretty good scan. It's a bad, blurry, miscolored photo, but it cleaned up okay in Photoshop.

Anyway. I am happy. High-res negative scans are something I've wanted to be able to do for a while now. The new carriers will let me scan up to 12 negatives at a time in really high resolution. I am super pumped.