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First: I just want everyone to know that although I quit the magazine, Jocelyn and I are not about to starve. I picked up two new clients last week. One is a business card printer/sales guy who I picked up because I am creative and fun, and his other designer was not. Turns out it's mostly production work, but that's okay. The guy's paying me close to my full hourly fee, and sending me a new card or set of cards almost every day to have me lay them out.

The other is a lady who is starting an apparrel company for Dogs. She needs somebody to translate her photoshop file into a format that can be silk screened onto fabric. She seems nice, and she likes me because a) I am irrationally devoted to my dog, and b) I didn't try to force some bizarre pricing structure onto the project. Which is good for me too. It's straight up, full price, hourly work. Gotta love it.

Anyway. I am also really close to finishing my new web site too, which I will be using to look for new work. It will have work from the period I am looking forward to get some good, new, interesting work. I am also looking for a sales rep...and contemplating doing a direct mail self-promo campaign. I got my new business cards last week I can go looking for new business with brand new cards.

So don't anybody worry. Quitting the magazine was the best thing I've done in a long time.