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Mom, dad and Keith have been on vacation this past week. Jon packed up his computer and started working we me! It'smile ha ha s been great! I get to see what he's been working on, he gets to hear all the stuff I do...literally, he hears all my phone calls and there have been many of those. At night we don't have to recap our day, we just know. It's been great not to be lonely this week and when I'm dealing with something stressful, he's there to give me a cute smile. smile He's also been very supportive this week as I've been on a detox. That's right, 9 days of as much fruits veggies and water as I can stand. I can also have egg whites, oatmeal and yogurt. whoo hoo! After I got rid of the cravings, headaches, crankiness...I felt good for a few days. I still feel good, but because I've been so busy I haven't had time to prepare food other than salads and I'm bored out of my mind with my lack of options. When I was ready to break one night, Jon stepped right up and ate salad with me. I'm now caffeine free, sugar free, process food free, meat free, alcohol and cheese free. Well, until Saturday and then I can start putting goodies back into the diet.