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This is the little guy that fell into our pond not too long ago. Perhaps you remember this entry:

Jon rescued a baby blue jay. It jumped into the pond to get away from Mabel. Jon fetched the bird, named Rudy, out of the pond with a dog toy. Rudy can't be found right now, which is a good sign. He was stuck in the backyard for two days. He wasn't alone though. His mom and two other family members were protecting him from Jon and a pesky cat. Both got dive bombed. Jon is much smarter than the cat and quickly came inside. The cat on the other hand almost got his eye poked out.

I finally got the photos developed...because I am a lazy slacker who doesn't have a digital camera. Or I am a photo snot who can't afford the camera he really wants/needs. Whatever.

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On Thursday, August 10th, Bernie said

Very cool looking bird. I hope it did okay. We have birds in the 'boot' y'all gave us.
Wasn't the camera a wedding have to keep it for life....