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So I have been using my email address but I am having one trouble and I don't know if if is just me so here it is. When I try to open the email that someone has sent me it makes me type back in my password and then it takes me back to my inbox and then i can open an email but each time I want to read one it has me do the same process. So let me know if anyone else has these issues. Peace.

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On Wednesday, July 26th, Jon said

This is when you are using Outlook? No. Noone else has this issue. Your computer is screwed up and I don' know how to fix it.

For some reason Outlook gets a bug in its security database and just forgets passwords. I used to see it at Paramount all the time.

My best suggestion would be to download Mozilla Thunderbird, which is an Open-Source mail client by the people who made Firefox (or still make firefox) and although it doesn't do anything special, it's a very light, fast program and, more importantly, it's NOT OUTLOOK.

Get it here:

On Wednesday, July 26th, Nicole said

This was while accessing it through the internet at work not w/ outlook. I still can't get outlook to work so I check my mail the old fashioned way. But it hasn't been doing it lately so its all good.