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So since I moved off campus Mom has been worried about the fact that Kevin and I don't use our heater in the winter (we use the fireplace and sleep on the futon) and we don't use the a/c during the summer (we use fans that are easier to control). But let me tell you all that I sure get enough a/c at work, so much so that my lips turn blue atleast once a day. You know what I mean you've been in the water so long that your lips have turned blue b/c you body is numb. Yep everyday, so don't worry Mom, going home means that I thogh out. blush

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On Thursday, July 27th, Bernie said

You're going to look back on this as the fun, care-free days. When we lived in the 2 bedroom rancher with no air conditioning, I spent summer afternoons in the basement especially the summer of 1978.