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...Buffalo, and Red Deer. It was amazing.

It was Ed's birthday this weekend, and to celebrate we went to a restaurant called Lonesome Dove, in Ft. Worth. According to the waitress they are openning on in Manhattan on 21st, so all you east coast peeps can stop in next time you are in the big apple. But, I digress. More after the jump.

The food was absolutely a-friggin'-mazing. For starters we got Buffalo Corn dogs...which is essentially what it sounds like. Pieces of Buffalo skewered, battered in Corn Dog batter, and fried. They were served in little state-fair red and white plaid paper boats. The texture of the meat was unbelievable, as was the flavor. I've never had Buffalo. Good God.

We also had some Kangaroo nachos. That's right. Kangaroo. It was Kangaroo Carpaccio, stuffed with Borsin cheese, with a little avacado relish on a blue corn tortilla. Them's some fancy nachos for Cowtown. They too were awesome. Undogly expensive (thank you Ed) too. You couldn't afford to eat a big heaping plate of these things while you drink a beer or anything like that, but it's a-okay with me. It took me about a minute and a half to eat a single nacho. The flavors were just so complex. It just kept coming in waves.

My entree was a pair of Red Deer chops with White Truffel macaroni and cheese and fried artichokes. Red Deer, as I later learned, is the largest native land mammal of the British Isles. That means that I ate the native land mammals of three contenants in one meal. It was a good meal too.

The deer, which I am not sure if I am supposed to call it venison or not, was so very tasty, and so very tender. I don't want to sound dismissive of the beef in cowtown (and lord knows that Lonesome Dove probably doesn't use local beef), but Ed and Keith had beef tenderloin, which was very good, but when we passed around the samples of all of our meals, I don't think it held a candle to the Deer.

I'm a little hard pressed to explain exactly what made it so good...but it was. It was very succulent, yet firm. It was perfectly medium rare, which is usually a little too rare for me, but it was good because it was firm. It had a perfect level of fat, which translated into a level of moisture that I have never experienced in a cut of meat. I also seemed to take the seasonsing (which they called Game Rub) much better than the beef and seemed to even lend a little extra complimentary flavor to boot. It was just good. So so so so so good.

So that's it. I had a really great dinner on Saturday. I felt like an adventurer for eating things well outside of my comfort zone. Yay for me.

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On Monday, July 17th, Jocelyn said

For dinner I had, Roasted Acorn Squash and Caramelized Red Onion Chile Relleno on Black Bean Puree with Dutch-Oven Corn Sauce and Key Lime Salad. It's a mouthful and quite honestly, didn't know how it would come out on the plate. I was the last one to finish my meal because each bite had a different flavor that I just could not rush through. After dinner we shared three desserts. A ancho chili chocolate tort cake with a rasberry pure (which was suppose to be a tomatillo cream sauce, I was dissapointe that that did not come out) a blueberry and peach crumble, and a tuaca chocolate mousse cake or something like that. Tuaca is an Italian vanilla liquor that made the finest icing this side of the Mississippi.

Dad has a cookbook full of these recipes and I can't wait to try them.