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So I know that it has been talked about alot lately but on a good note about cars I got mine back on Monday and she is as good as new. Well hopefully, she is running okay right now. And I am thinking more about the name for my car what do you think about Gloria, you see my friends call my Saab a glorified soccer mom's car, where as she is a little bit of a badass with the turbo engine and everything I don't know if Gloria is good enough but it's a start.

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On Saturday, July 15th, Bernie said

Your friends have got to be thinking about volvo's...not saab's.

On Saturday, July 15th, Jon said

Couldn't possibly be that it's a 5-door mini-wagon thing, like mine.

I love it. It's a sleeper car. No one will ever suspect that you're about the haul ass down Kelly drive, AWD pushing out of each weave in the road 10 mph faster than you came in.

Mine gets called a "Grocery Getter," but in reality, it's a suburban badass. Just imagine if it had a turbo like yours. ;-)