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I would be remiss in my duties as a blogger, or one who blogs, if'n I did let you all know that I was in a car accident on Friday. I was hit by a Taxi, as I was coming into the neighborhood.

Let's just get this out of the way: I am fine. So is Keith. He was with me. Neither one is even remotely injured, not even in the slightest. The same cannot be said of my car.

Anyway! I was hit by a cab. It was completely his or her fault. I had the right of way, I had my blinker on, I even paused a little before I made my turn because they were driving like a 'tard, he or she rammed me none the less.

Notice how I can't quite commit to a pronoun there? Yeah. Well. I couldn't honestly tell you if this person was a male or a female, because THEY RAN. That's right. Hit and Run. Bitches. I pulled my car out of the intersection (because, really, I was already headed that way), and as I turned and openned my door (after turning off the engine) I heard squealing tires and saw the taxi hauling ass around the corner. SON OF A BITCH.

So, Keith called the cops and reported the accident while I chased the taxi, on foot, in flip-flops. So, then, after I came back to the car, before the cops got there, I stood and ate my Tuna Sandwich on the hood of my battered automobile. Cop says there isn't much they can do since I didn't get a plate number. Whatever. Fuck. I'm just glad no one is hurt. It was scary as hell. I'm also glad that I was wearing my seatbelt, because otherwise I would have been sitting in Keith's lap during the accident, and it would have been really hard to control the car from there.

The cab hit me in the driver's side rear door and wheel, which crushed the door and squashed a big part of the wheel well, which made it so I could drive it, but not far, because when you hit a bump, the tire would rub. I had it towed from the house this morning. It's sad to watch the tow truck (which they call Wreckers here in Tejas) pull my tattered, bruised and battered Outback onto its bed and haul it away.

I didn't initially think it was a lot of damage, but the more I think about it, it could be problematic. The door is so smashed in that you can't open it. And, for those of you who don't know, Imprezas use a unibody construction, and there is damage to the C Pillar. In fact, it's damn near crushed. So that means that they will either have to replace a HUGE section of the body of my car, or bend it all back out, which means it will NEVER drive right again. The suspension geometry will be SCREWED for LIFE. SUCKS.

I am also worried that it will have messed up my rear axle, differential, wheel bearing, or anything else back there in the incredibly complex mechanism that is the Subaru AWD powertrain.

Anyway. The guy from the autobody shop has the car now. I suppose I'll find out what's goin' on with my car in a few days.

Son of a Bitch!