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For the last few weeks, since I have started to practice with KillSwitch, I have been looking for a higher-end gun to add to my paintball arsenal. Ultimately, I want an SL66 Ego. The lightest, sleekest, fastest, rippin'est razor-edged paintslinger out there. Problem is, they cost $1600. I am not, as of this writing, willing to pay $1600 for a paintball marker.

So, resigned to the fact that I can't afford (or won't pay for) the 'gun that I want...I set out to find a contender to the throne. There are lots of gats in the running. Used Intimidators, DM5/Cs, Used Egos (that would rule), the WGP Black Magic, the Alien Interceptor, the Infinity Legend, etc...

Well, today I read about the one I want. It's not an Ego, but...'s an Ego. An E-Tek Ego. BAM!

So, it's an Ego, but with a different trigger, frame, RAM, PCB, and body design that make it CHEAPER TO MAKE. MSRP on these things is set at $750...which means that it'll soon be significantly lower. I've even read that people are pre-ordering them for as low as $675...and the thing hasn't even hit the street yet. Hopefully it'll be somewhere around $500 in a few months, and I'll pick one up. Woo!