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So last night I realized how good I have it. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who has learned that sometimes when I don't want to go out it isn't because I don't want to see people but that I need some alone time so he goes even though I am not. And then he puts up with me wanting to talk to him in-between his two alarms that wake him up in the morning, because he wasn't watching tv with me while he was gone. Then he doesn't want a birthday cake, which is good for my diet. And he has been eating things that I don't like so that they won't tempt me when he can eat things that I can't. I also realized, after getting stared at while at job sites and whistled at while singing at a bar, that I am a cute girl. And while this doesn't mean that I shouldn't keep trying to lose weight but it shows me that I don't have to be in such a hurry and I should let things happen more naturally. I also found out that I am good at my job, who knew? (Well Kevin would say that he did but I don't think that's fair.) Things are so much better with Kevin's knew job and while there have been moments of jealousy I am happy for him more than anything. Well that's it. I hope all is well.