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It's hot here. Real Hot. Hot with a capitol H. We helped kick off summer last night with the start of the summer bowling league. This year, our team will be the five of us (mom, dad and Keith, Jon, me) This way we can rotate weekly. Last night, Jon Dad and I bowled. We sucked. I haven't bowled since last summer and it's been a good month for Jon and dad. My last game was in the 90's. That's better than where I started last summer, which was in the 40's. I'm glad to see I retained some skill. Hopefully this year, I'll make most improved bowler again.

I also got ambitious the other night and caulked the bathroom countertop. Not with just a tube of caulk, but with the bug caulk gun. It was awesome. I still have some more to go but I'm ready to caulk everything now.

I also ate an olive yesterday. I have never purposely eaten one. It wasn't so bad. I actually ate a few of them.

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On Tuesday, June 13th, Bernie said

Green or black? They taste totally different.