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vol9_cover (122k image) Well, volume 9 is on shelves, er, those brightly colored plastic things where you put free magazines.

The printer totally screwed up my work with an overly heavy hit of black in on most pages, web marks on on lots of pages, and visibly bleeding black type on specific spots on lots of pages. Most notibly, the cover is DARK. Think of the one you see above, but look at it through sun glasses. LAME.

Anyway. I busted my ass for this thing, and it's lame that it's all screwed up because they use the world's cheapest printer.

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On Tuesday, June 13th, Bernie said

Are they going to change printers? do you have a work around figured out?

On Tuesday, June 13th, Jon said

No. The next cheapest printer is $7000 more than the current one. You get what you pay for though. And no, there is no work-around for suck-ass printing. It's very unpredictable. If I design it light for next time, chances are they'll print it lighter. There were some pages where the printing was light at the bottom of the page and heavy at the top. Messed Up!