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So as always it is time for me to not think about school and instead attempt to lose weight and get healthy and so on. So this year I am glad to say that I am starting out 9 lbs lighter then last year, well I was starting out, at the end of the school year. And while I had a 7lbs blip last week I think that Mother Nature was just playing with my head because of well ya know. And this week’s scale entry was 10lbs lighter, so not only did I take back off the 7lbs but another 3lbs so I am feeling pretty good. In another 5 lbs I will be back to wear I was the week that I left for Rome and then I want to lose 7 to 10 more lbs. But we will see. I just have to avoid lunches out and keep exercising.

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On Tuesday, June 6th, JOcelyn said

Way to go! I found something amazing the other day. Shorts that fit. I dared the lady that was helping me in the fitting room to find a pair of shorts that I'd like. I was going for the full coverage long things that are not flattering to me, but would be comfortable. She comes back with these "little" shorts. I gasped , but tried them on anyway. They're A-line shorts, I never heard of such a thing, but I can actually wear a normal size in them because they're roomy enough for the butt/thigh region. They're nice shorts too. I haven't bought a pair of shorts since college? I think sophomore year.