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We have new outdoor furniture! The old furniture, which was 'vintage' and busted was put out on the corner. It was furniture that my parents had from before I was born, or at least when I was little. Anyway, the new set is awesome. I'll get a picture up soon. Flowers are continuing to bloom, the garden is starting to grow good veggies, but there is still one thing missing from the yard, the frog. I thought out frogs came to visit in the spring. They have yet to come, no singing, no tadpoles, nothing. I'm wondering it if has anything to do with the brutal battle between frog and Subaru that happened last year. Some how the frogs know that there is risk associated with our habitat. I hope it's not too late for the frogs. Maybe they'll come in the late summer.

We had tha family come over last night for dinner. I made something new, and besides for a few details that were out of my hands, it turned out pretty good. It was a (grilled) beef lo mein. Details that were out of my hands include two hungry guys snitching at the meat while we waited for mom and dad to show up. They were late, so by the time I put it all together I was low on the meat and the meat dried out a bit waiting to be incorporated with the rest of the meal. The flavor was good.