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It's funny. And completely true. Or at least plausible. People want DUMB SHIT. I don't know why. My most common comment goes something like "Well, sure, you and I get it/think it's funny/ but I don't think the audience will.

Well here's the thing. Your audience is smarter than you give them credit for. And if they aren't they, don't care. They'll buy your shit because you told them too. It's the intelligent consumers that you have to convince.

I read this thing, years ago, about how consumers will trust a brand that they've heard of more than se7en times...even if the things they heard about that brand were negative. Those people, the ones who keep buying Panasonic even though their stereos keep breaking, don't need clever ads. You could just put a picture of a stereo and the word Panasonic on a page in Maxim and get those retards. RETARDS.